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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rule 3 - Make Time to Meditate

Find the Buddha within.  I find peace within my food bowl!!


  1. Well, hey there Pugelicious, honey!

    Nice tuh meet ya! Yep, my mom says meditatin' is good fer ya, but I think she's just lookin' fer an excuse tuh sit on her butt an' do nothin'. As fer me, I don't need an excuse.

  2. Nice to meet you too Hank. Yes I know what you mean - meditation in front of the TV - my favourite thing :)

  3. Hi Pugelicious. If you have time to meditate over your food bowl... you ain't doing it right! It's a race to the finish at our house.

  4. A dogs life sounds pretty good. for my next life I want to come back as dog.

  5. hi! thanks for visiting. fifi is just too cute! i'm puglette and the black pug on my blog is charlie. she has a puggy boyfriend named ollie. i love the buddha, i have seen pug buddha's on etsy! i can't wait to see more photos of fifi!

  6. Oh dear. This is just too, too cute!