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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rule 8 - Big Bottom Girls are Beautiful

Always proud of who I am.
Walk tall, think strong, be confident!!


  1. Good to see she is a respectable girl and not wearing a g-string.

    Princess pug must be a beautifully natured girl to put up with all that you do to her.

    I do love it she is gorgeous.

  2. She has the patience of a saint and just loves the attention - so it is fun all round at our house :)

  3. Oh my word! How funny is that?
    You are quite the little model my little girl friend.
    Now I DO NOT have any of those kind of clothes! Why not mom?
    Can you talk to my mom? I want to be girly like you!

  4. Oh, this is PERFECT! Love the look of your blog, Pugelicious! Lots of bling.